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10 Best Denver Thrift Stores

Historic Denver celebrated its 50th anniversary this year with recognition and preservation efforts for some of the city’s most cherished landmarks. Historic Denver will work closely with nominators and property owners to determine a unique action strategy for each of the 50 places chosen. On sale days, some stores are looking to clear out all items on sale, and will offer deeper discounts just before closing. They can tell you whether their store has a donation program with a larger retail store where they take possession of clearance items from a prior season. Sometimes the item is already paid for; however, often people say they will come back for something then find something else they like better at a different store.

Check out our large handbag department some of which are designer bags. You will find books for every age, toys, housewares, linens, home decor, seasonal items, and jewelry all at affordable prices. To stay on budget, bring cash when you go thrift shopping. While it’s easy to fall into the ‘but it’s so inexpensive’ trap, remember to stick to your values. Purchase only the clothes you need and that fit well with your current wardrobe.

A recent visit turned up several Anthropologie second runs, Burberry flats, 7 for All Mankind jeans and dozens of other desirables. Because the store generally only accepts consignment goods that are no more than a couple of years old, the inventory tends to be very on-trend or classic. Start planning now for exciting 2021 events and festivals in Denver. Scroll down our month-by-month list and choose from annual favorites, splashy debuts and exclusive showings.

It’s high time we give the fashion industry a makeover and remind ourselves that, just like us, clothes don’t need to be young to be beautiful. Aside from limited styles and sizes to suit your specific needs, buying used clothing won’t give you the freedom to stick to any sustainable fabric criteria. For us, this means organic, vegan, naturally dyed, Fairtrade, and sustainably sourced and made. It is a “global conduit of connection” not just for clothing, but for creativity, an essence that lies at the core of the company.

And if you do need to buy new, have a read of ourethical fashion guidefor tips and info on looking out for the bestsustainable fashion brands. Cheap.Trust us, it’ll actually save you money in the long run! In true social media fashion, the site is as much about actually selling and buying the items as it is broadcasting what you’ve bought and sold. In efforts to encourage thrift selling online, they created UPcycle, which allows you to spend your ThredUP credit at other sustainable retailers.

Lexi Wilson- Mile High Thrift has a huge selection to browse! If you put in the time, you are sure to find something good to take home. The prices are reasonable and the selection is always rotating. Purchase new summer looks from Macy’s or Nordstrom and you’re bound to run into other people wearing the same outfits. Thrift shops have a much more diverse assortment of clothing, meaning you’re less likely to find yourself wearing the same top or sweater as a friend or co-worker. Enter your email address to receive our newsletter with new posts about sustainable living, fashion, zero waste, beauty and more.

For more intricate customization, you’ll want to consult a tailor, so make sure the piece is worth the investment before you purchase it. Thrift shopping without a clear goal is like grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Make a mental list of what you’re looking for based on what you already own. In addition, save pictures of coveted gems and fashion inspiration on your phone for quick reference. This will make it easier for store clerks to help you locate specific garments or let you know if they have something similar on the racks. Common Threads isn’t just one of the best consignment shops in town.

Delve in to find everything from designer bags and shoes (hello, Jimmy Choo!) to vintage cowboy boots and turquoise jewelry from Mexico. If you tend to eschew “fast fashion” and big-box stores in favor of thrift and secondhand shops, you’re not alone. In Denver, there are lots of places to find gently used treasures. You could go to a thrift store or consignment sale to get clothes to play around with. Prior to thrifting, thoroughly examine your closet and do an inventory of it.

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